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The Daily Colonist, July 28, 1914

Lead news in the Colonist on this day in 1914 was about Irish republicans rioting. The first armed clash between Austria and Serbia that now, with hindsight, marks the beginning of WW I, is just a far away border skirmish, and there is still hope that full-scale war can be avoided...

A Subtle Beginning... July 1, 1914


Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and His Wife Followed by Outbreaks in Many Places


Emperor William to Be Only Sovereign in Attendance at Funeral — General Mourning Throughout Country.

100 Years Ago Today

There are undoubtedly a near endless supply of stories out there today about the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the event the sparked the First World War. But what was going on here in the colonies? News took a while to get way out here. What follows is the lead story from the June 28, 1914 edition of The Daily Colonist published in Victoria, British Columbia:

Remembrance... of the short end of the stick

It's Remembrance Day again. In some past years I've made posts about my father's service during WWII (2001, 2003 repost, 2005 repost, 2008) and at other times I've written about some of the horrors my mother and father survived during WWII. And one year I had a few things to say about why it's important to remember war. Let me reiterate and expand on those thoughts:


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