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Damn Americans

OK, there is the caffufle with the whole "runaway production" thing where the Americans are whining about film production being done in Canada because it is cheaper to do here. My reaction to this is a big Pierre Elliot Trudeau one-finger salute pointed south. Our film industry has been hobbled since the 1920's thanks to our unwilling inclusion in the American film distribution system's "domestic" market.

I noticed a headline

Walking past a row of newspaper boxes a moment ago I noticed a headline; 'Half of Canadians Fear Tapwater". My first thought was, statistically, half of Canadians are of below average intelligence.

Oringinal post:

Damn student loan people.

They keep phoning me every bloody day - all because they fouled up my instructions and then proceeded to foul up again on the replacement cheque I sent them. It's enough to make a person want to leave the country. Not that I can think of another country I'd want to live in. Maybe I should vote for the BC Separatists - then I can leave the country without moving. That would be convenient.

National Film Board

A friend of mine is applying for a job with the NFB and told me she has to go write an exam today as part of the application. It got me to thinking... what sort of questions would be on an NFB exam...?

Are you Canadian enough to work for the NFB?


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