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Bureaucracy, A Canadian Tradition Since the Days of the Empire

I am sending in my passport renewal, which in itself is not particularly odious, particularly since it is no longer required to get a notary, CGA or medical doctor to vouch for my identity. I'm slipping everything into the envelope provided and spot a little notice on the back

Synchronized Peeing, New Olympic Sport

I bet, if you tried, you couldn't get a herd of sheep to all pee at the same time. I'm just sayin'…

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BBC Winter Olympics Ad

Amazing! This is exactly how we live in Canada. I mean, I was just out in my parka killing giant, spectral ice-bears with a curling stone just last week.

Yeah, OK, I admit it: it is a pretty cool ad. It reminds me of "Samurai Jack."

Gender in Canada

So, on the kind of random lark I have a tendency to end up on for no good reason, I found myself wondering what the legal definitions of male and female happened to be under Canadian law. Interestingly I couldn't find any definitions. All I could find was this passage in the Interpretation Act

Just Heard this on CBC Radio 2

Apparently the federal government has preemptively sent extra body-bags out to remote native communities in anticipation of swine flu making the rounds this winter.

Somewhere in Ottawa, someone thought this was a good idea and the best course of action.

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On the Coalition and the Suspension of Parliament

We have a representative democracy. We don't vote for the Prime Minister, we vote for our local representatives. "Strategic voting" where people vote for the local party representative simply for the sake of which MP that party supports as party leader is the real subversion of our democracy. The people that are screaming loudest are the don't-get-it people that didn't pay attention in high-school Social Studies and voted for whatever nitwit riding on the Conservative ticket in their riding, regardless of that individual's qualifications to represent their riding in parliament.


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