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The Daily Colonist, July 28, 1914

Lead news in the Colonist on this day in 1914 was about Irish republicans rioting. The first armed clash between Austria and Serbia that now, with hindsight, marks the beginning of WW I, is just a far away border skirmish, and there is still hope that full-scale war can be avoided...

130824 Sin City, 2013
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Mind Your Pounds and Let Your Pennies Take Care of Themselves

In round numbers, if a Pound Sterling was actually worth a pound of silver at current prices, a penny (meaning the original "old money" pre-decimalisation definition as of a measure of weight equal to 1/240th of a pound) would be worth somewhere around $1.80 in Canadian or American dollars. A loaf of bread therefore costs about 2 pennies weight of silver and a (full, Imperial) pint of beer, 5 pennies weight - which is what they cost 100 years ago.

500 Years After an Alien Invasion

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world in 2513. Unknown to us here and now, aliens first visited a remote part of the planet in 1992. The aliens were just exploring and didn't really have any nefarious plans, in fact they were on their way to go trade with some other aliens and kind of ended up here by accident. They poked around a bit in the small corner of the globe they landed on, took some samples, did a little surveying, said “hi” to the rather surprised locals and then traded some of their stuff for some of the locals' stuff.

Then and Now

I was listening to the CBC this morning and realizing that no-one is going to wax poetically about video-game hockey like they do for the old slot-hockey tables.

There is Power in Art

The Tyee – Artists Wage 2.0 Attacks on Harper

Toronto composer John Roby's wickedly funny song "Steve, It's Time to Leave" circulating online is as good an illustration as I've ever seen for why liberal democracies fund the arts.

This is what the Conservatives think of democracy

The communications director for the Guelph Conservative candidate disrupts an Elections Canada polling station at the University of Guelph and tries to physically steal the ballot box.


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