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Remembrance Day

For most people I know my age and younger it is their grandparents or even great-grandparents that were involved in WWII. Unlike today it was very unusual around the time of my birth for people in their late 30's or early 40's to be having children but that's precisely what my parents did. For that reason I'm only one generation removed from what is still referred to at "the war." It's not the distant past for me. It's my parents. My father fought in North Africa in Italy. My mother lived in Belgium during the German occupation.


You pretty much have to be Canadian to get this:

Aspirin is for when you feel like AAS.

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Microsoft is Much More Honest in Canadian French

I had to replace he old computer I was using (a PII-350 purchased in 1998) as a spam filter. It had become too slow to deal with the volume of crap I get. Not only do I get the usual barrage of spam that everyone gets, but for nearly a year now I have been getting a heinous amount of backsplatter from spam-zombies using spoofed return addresses. The latest crudtastic tactic of putting the advertising message in an image is what put the poor little box over the edge after nine years of valiant service. Adding OCR slowed the processing down enough that messages were coming in faster than they could be processed. Time for a new spam-pig.

Given that I was replacing a PII-350 even the most bottom of the line machine out there now would be orders of magnitude more powerful, so I went looking for just that - bargain-basement last-year's clearance models. The clearance model I went with was configured for Canadian French. Not needing the keyboard nor giving a rat's ass about whatever OS was preinstalled since I'd be wiping it off anyway, French was not a problem.

I couldn't resist firing it up as-is though, and I was greeted by this très amusant welcome:

What Happened to CBC Radio 2?

Vancouver is not transmitting. I have the Victoria transmitter tuned in, but it doesn't come in well. This is very odd.

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