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Damn student loan people.

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They keep phoning me every bloody day - all because they fouled up my instructions and then proceeded to foul up again on the replacement cheque I sent them. It's enough to make a person want to leave the country. Not that I can think of another country I'd want to live in. Maybe I should vote for the BC Separatists - then I can leave the country without moving. That would be convenient.

People in general are idiots. Obviously the author (Carol Lay) of today's comic agrees with me and has a theory of her own as to why that is.

So I'm now broke until my first paycheque comes in, but there is enough food in the house to get me and the cats by until then. There's gas in the car should I need it, not that I use it much. I really like this living-close-enough-to-walk thing. It takes me 35-40 minutes to walk. It occurred to me this morning that oddly enough that is just about exactly how long it used to take me to walk to elementary school when I was little. And it is nice walking now because there are so many other people walking. This transit strike is rather enjoyable. Walking along on a crowded sidewalk while all the honking cars crawl around the streets... it makes Vancouver feel bigger than it is. It's like living in some PG-rated, sanitized, friendlier version of New York. It's like living in Sesame Street!

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