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student loan

Stupid World

I just filled out my income statement for the student loan Nazis and printed off a bunch of cheques for the evil bastards. The dates are all highlighted and also written on the backs of the cheques where they are also highlighted.

Must go to sleep now...

Duty calls. In a few hours I must get up and trudge across the city and bow to the silicon god for another day. I am a god-damned, freaking, bloody monk. I will practice my asceticism in my grey cubicle and perform my rituals in time with the almighty clock. I will render unto Caesar more than his fair share and give up the rest to pay my tithe to the Unholy Church of the Dreaded Student Loan. It's so much fun. Everybody is doing it.

Oringinal post:

Do I want to go out?

I can't decide if I want to go out tonight. I was out last night until dawn with Trish and Kim and had a lot of fun so do I really want to go out again tonight? I didn't get much accomplished today except for going to the bank again to put an end to my ongoing problems (yet somehow I don't think they are over), had some munchies at the Vine Yard, went to the grocery store, then came back here and puttered at things like fixing my shoe.

Now this is just funny

I just looked at my banking and, no surprise, it's still FUBAR'd. The "replacement" cheque for the that was dated May 15th but cashed on May 4th had bounced because the mistakenly processed post-dated cheque has not been returned yet, now twenty days later. So it's going to be off to the bank again on Saturday to have this latest NSF fee reversed.

I'm kind of looking forward to screaming at the student loan people who have inevitably called about this latest bounced cheque. This one is completely their fault. Bastards one and all.

Fuck 'em!

I went to the bank again today. I managed to get everything done by phone at work yesterday but I decided it would be a good idea to go in and do some ass-covering today. I got a money order for my rent, got them to put the $500 back in and took everything else in cash. At this point the only the only thing that could potentially fuck up is the replacement cheque for the one that was supposed to be reversed. But I don't give a rat's ass about that since the only way it could bounce now would be the bank's fault, not mine.

The saga continues.

Apparently the student loan people received the money and it hasn't been returned. They've ripped me off for $500. Isn't that just lovely. The bank has contacted them directly to get the money back. Meanwhile I still have enough money for rent, but nothing else.

I am choked!

I checked my bank account last night to see if my last two student loan cheques had cleared properly and discovered that the problem with the post-dated cheque that should not have been processed is still not resolved. They gave me the money back last Saturday and I thought everything was OK. But as of yesterday they turned around and took it back since now there is money in my account because I got paid. I've already issued yet another replacement cheque to the student loan people so I'm out $500 again. That's my food and entertainment for the next four weeks.

Someone find me a rock to crawl under

My cheque is delayed until tomorrow. This means another student loan payment is going to bounce. I'm completely screwed. I feel sick. I've borrowed from everyone I can borrow from. There is nothing else I can do. Sure, I'll get paid tomorrow and everything will start to straighten out again, but right now things are not good. I want this to end. I just can't take this anymore. When I was twenty I didn't mind this crap as much. You're supposed to be poor when you are twenty. But not now. I've got a decent job, but it just hasn't payed yet.

I am not slacking

I'm actually testing a program agent to be used in a mail migration in the background. I've got to keep one eye on it to make sure it is working properly. If it doesn't do what it is supposed to I could end up mangling six thousand people's e-mail.

So the damn Royal Bank nitwits haven't returned my money yet. They said Thurday and it still isn't there. I'm going to get paid before this is fixed. I may as well have screwed my landlord over on purpose and not bother post-dating the cheque.


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