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Stupid World

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I just filled out my income statement for the student loan Nazis and printed off a bunch of cheques for the evil bastards. The dates are all highlighted and also written on the backs of the cheques where they are also highlighted.

I really despise these people. It's absurd. We live in a world where the right to pursue a higher education has turned into the obligation and requirement to acquire a meaningless degree at great expense. This article from Kim's journal sums it up nicely. If universities still actually maintained academic standards and refused to even admit idiots who pass shite like this off as work then a degree might still mean something. There used to be a time when having a bachelor's degree meant something, now it doesn't even necessarily imply literacy. This is a culture where the stupid are coddled and lauded and the intelligent are isolated and derided. Merit is irrelevant as long as you are an egomaniac "have high self-esteem". Because of this I am paying off a degree that is of absolutely no value to me.

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