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Stupid World

I just filled out my income statement for the student loan Nazis and printed off a bunch of cheques for the evil bastards. The dates are all highlighted and also written on the backs of the cheques where they are also highlighted.

Don't you hate it when... know more about a problem than the person who is supposed to fix it?

This scares me

OK. I'm sick. I have established that. Walking three kilometres is hard and my reactions are impaired. I'm also making stupid mistakes and just generally having a hard time thinking. OK, whatever, that's just being sick. But if I were out of shape and stupid my whole life would be like this. That's scary. There are armies of lazy-ass, stupid people out there like this everyday, diving their cars to work.

I noticed a headline

Walking past a row of newspaper boxes a moment ago I noticed a headline; 'Half of Canadians Fear Tapwater". My first thought was, statistically, half of Canadians are of below average intelligence.

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