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This scares me

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OK. I'm sick. I have established that. Walking three kilometres is hard and my reactions are impaired. I'm also making stupid mistakes and just generally having a hard time thinking. OK, whatever, that's just being sick. But if I were out of shape and stupid my whole life would be like this. That's scary. There are armies of lazy-ass, stupid people out there like this everyday, diving their cars to work.

The day before yesterday was a prime example. As I walked onto the bridge the traffic was quite backed up. As I got further up the on-ramp I saw flashing lights. An accident. There are cross-walks at the ends of the on-ramps for people who have walked up the main access to the bridge. Some mullet-haired nitwit in a Camero (no guff!) had caused an accident, presumably avoiding a pedestrian on a well-marked crosswalk in the middle of a bus strike when there are lots of people walking...

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