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Bloody Americans

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OK, we took all your planes on September 11th, we have troops in Afghanistan, we even lost some of our own people in the WTC and this is what we get for helping. Bad enough that your dumbass president forgot to mention us in his speech on September 19th, but now, after all our help we're just getting fucked over. We should cut off all the electricity we export. See how things change when L.A. and NYC go black...
"Our forest dependent communities and forest dependent families are under attack by a hostile foreign power," said De Jong, who was at the negotiation table when talks failed. "It made everyone in that room in Washington sick to their stomachs to watch that unfold."

He suggested that American negotiators may have misplaced Canadian compassion and generosity after the September 11 terrorist attacks in Washington and New York.

-- BC Forestry Minister Mike De Jong (CBC)

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