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American politics

One in a Million

In Classical times, being "one in a million" at something meant having about 170 peers in that field, spread out all over a world that took months or years to traverse such that the chances of directly interacting or competing with one was next to none. Even by the Renaissance, when "one in a million" meant about 500 peers, it remains remarkable that, for example Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo interacted and had a direct rivalry.

Reposted from this thread in the Gothic BC forum:

Finding New Ways to Be an Idiot

This was the cover of today's National Post.

Now bear in mind that the Mongols are to Islam as Nazis are to Judaism. The Mongols wiped-out whole cities in Persia and Iraq, killing millions. In 1298 the invading Mongols slaughtered an estimated 800,000 people in Baghdad and killed the Caliph (more or less Islam's equivalent to the Pope) and all his family and heirs. The event is at the hub of much of the last 700 years of history in the area and the ramifications of it continue today. Saddam Hussein frequently made referrence to the Mongol invasions in his speeches against the United States. As an occupying force in Baghdad right now Bush is not making it easier for his troops by posing for a picture like this. Even the Crusaders are less reviled in the Muslim world than the Mongols. I can't even think of a more historically myopic and just plain blatantly stupid photo opportunity for the man. He wouldn't be any more in-your-face if he were to paste horns on his head, paint himself red and parade around Baghdad holding a sign saying "Great Satan"... Only in this case he's not the one that is going to have rocket-propelled grenades launched at him. Way to go Peace Duke.

Worst Adminstration Ever

We all know the Republicans don't care about human lives or the sorts of freedoms one would expect in, oh, say, a republic, and are more concerned with profit, consolidation and abuse of federal powers (a.k.a. turning the republic into an empire), and dog-wagging imperialism... so let's look at where they have failed in these terms:

Bush vs. Dalai Lama

I saw this and I thought, "what could these men be talking about?"


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