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Gothic BC

[Gothic BC] Upgrade Announcement & User Ping

Today I sent out a very rare mass-mailing ostensibly to announce some upcoming major changes to the site, but also to do a user "ping" to weed out inactive accounts.

130228 Mysteria, 2013
8 images
digital photograph, photograph.

[Gothic BC] In Homage to Sanctuary

Between now and the final Sanctuary on June 23, the random?Picture of the Day?will be drawn exclusively from our archive of pictures of Sanctuary that goes back to 1998.

[Gothic BC] Spam and Old Accounts

You may have noticed an increase in posts from evil spam monkeys over the past few weeks, I sure have. The new site update I'm working on will have new and improved spam protection, but in the meantime I've hacked on some new protection that should help prevent these spam accounts from being created in the first place.

I am amused, 2012
digital composite photograph.

Gothic BC, 2012
digital composite photograph.


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