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[Gothic BC] Spam and Old Accounts

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You may have noticed an increase in posts from evil spam monkeys over the past few weeks, I sure have. The new site update I'm working on will have new and improved spam protection, but in the meantime I've hacked on some new protection that should help prevent these spam accounts from being created in the first place. While I was at it I deleted every existing account that has never logged into the site, ever. Either they are very old accounts from before the last major upgrade over four years ago that never got used or they are spam-bot accounts--useless clutter either way.

Some time in the not-too-distant-future I will probably send out a an e-mail ping to all the current users to see which bounce and cull out the dead accounts. If you haven't logged in lately, maybe you should and just take a look at your account settings to make sure you have a working e-mail account associated with your account.

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