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[Gothic BC] Upgrade Announcement & User Ping

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Today I sent out a very rare mass-mailing ostensibly to announce some upcoming major changes to the site, but also to do a user "ping" to weed out inactive accounts.

I hate mass-mailing and spam, but pending moving all the user accounts over to a new, completely updated version of this site this really is the best way to weed out the dead accounts. Any account that is associated with an e-mail address that bounces will be considered dead and be deleted.

The new version of the site will be rolled out sometime between now and Hallowe'en.

The main new feature of the site will be a completely re-written photo gallery that is super-fast and totally phone/tablet friendly. This update also finally eliminates all of the legacy code and proprietary technology that's been at the core of the photo gallery since it first went up in 2000, which opens up new things as I move ahead with other features.

As part of this major overhaul of the photo gallery, user uploads will finally be fixed. You'll be able to upload your own galleries. More on this feature in a future post.

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