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February 2004

Friday the 13th

Time for all the would-be periphrastic sesquipedalians to drag "triskadekaphobia" out of the dusty corners of their mental lexicons to demonstrate the grand depths of their erudition.

Oringinal post:

Two Snowy Curves

From the snowfall on January 6th, 2004.

Asshole? Me? I'm just protecting my copyright...

Periodically throughout the day I take a peek at my web logs just to keep tabs on things and make sure everything is working right. Today I noticed a peculiar number of hits against one of my pictures from New York on Elaine's site, but against her old (now redirected) URL. The only way that can happen is if someone has the image embedded in their web page. So I looked at the referrer and found it was coming from

For a moment I thought about just leaving a comment about it, but then I decided to have a little fun at the wanking bandwidth thief's expense.