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Long Week

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It's been a long week with lots of uncertainty. The mantra around the office is "Business as usual until we know otherwise" and even though I have no good reason to think so, it still feels a little like being in the band on the Titanic. It's just the uncertainty of it all that is annoying. It's hard to do business as usual when stuff you are working on may be scrapped next month. Fact is I have every indication that I'm going to have a lot more work on my plate when the merger is final - I just don't know what that work is going to be, exactly. Welcome to the law of induction: just because something has happened a certain way for a long time doesn't mean it will continue that way. Just because the company is 50 years old, profitable and doing well doesn't mean it will be there tomorrow. Just because you've tossed "heads" five times in a row doesn't mean the next toss won't be "tails". So here I am, bet on "heads" and came up "tails". I don't know what that means. Nobody knows what it means yet. Maybe a better analogy than the Titanic would be being Dutch in Niew Amsterdam or living in New Oleans right after the Louisiana Purchase. Things turned out OK, but I'll bet a lot of people were freaking out at first.

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