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February 2004

Unclear on the concept.

I am fed up. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the idea of painting something to make it look better? I just went out on the balcony to have a look at the paint job the guy did Monday on the door and window trim. It looks like utter crap. In fact it looks worse than it did before they painted. None of the holes are filled, none of the nails sticking out were pulled. I couldn't see any of this until now because they also put another coat of deck paint on the balcony and it wasn't dry enough to walk on until now. Fuck. I knew I should have sanded the wood and filled the holes myself. Then I wouldn't have ended up with

Back to the Fire

They are removing the rest of the fire-escape today, as you can see here:


Watch my cam right now. They are cutting the fire escape off today and you can see the sparks flying past.

(Update 12:03 p.m.)

And if you missed it, here's what it looked like:

16 Months Later

The fire fallout continues. Starting next week they will be replacing the fire escape. Unfortunately the room I use for my office/den/computer-room is the one against the fire escape. Today I'm going to have to try and move things around today to clear the wall they will need access to.

I'm really not enthused about this at all.

I Broke my Arm Today

All I was doing was getting dressed and then

Mr. Big

So cheaza had a link to this Sex and the City charity auction and now I've gone and bid on this item. It's Mr. Big's suit. It's a black Hugo Boss suit and it's exactly my size! If I win it's domestic shipping only so I'll need a U.S. address to ship it to (*hint* *hint* bitogoth), but fuck - it's Mr. Big's suit! I was planning to buy a new suit so I have money in the budget for this... If I win this I'm stealing saturnina's idea and having a "Sex and the City" cocktail party.