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February 2004


Today I was to work from home since my laptop at work is being sent off to have the last repair repaired. This isn't ordinarily a bad thing. I like working from home and did it for years. It's also not at all inconvenient to the company because I am all of five minutes away and normally work on a different floor from most everyone else anyway. It's so convenient in fact that there was no need to cancel a 10:30 meeting I had this morning. At 10:23 I walked out the door with time to spare. That would be the point where my day started going awry.

On the way out I ran into a couple of guys from Barclay. I mentioned to them that yesterday we had noticed


It only took a year. We actually have numbers above the doors again. No more confused pizza delivery men.

Oringinal post:

LJ cuts

The issue of LJ-cuts came up in one of my communities and I bothered to explain to someone why they are good manners. Here is a generalized version of that post that I wholly encourage anyone to use in defense of using the cut. Consider the following text completely public domain, use freely and without attribution.

Begin public domain

Lya De Putti

I was looking at this morning and noticed something:

Vintage Valerian

A photoshop-aged picture of Elaine from a digital photo I took last Hallowe'en at Sanctuary.