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Surly and short-tempered

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I am surly and short-tempered today. I'm not well rested. My computer at work is a fucking disaster that has to be returned to Dell so they can repair thier repair. I'm stuck working on an utter PoS and spent the whole afternoon just barely getting it working. I spent the morning writing, on paper, a migration plan for technology I couldn't even access today because of my fried machine. Unlike yesterday I couldn't just come home and work because the "restoration" people were busy tearing the wall and ceiling of my den apart to drill holes in the brick for the new fire escape that should have been done last year. Now my den smells like wet smoke and everything has a film of white dust on it. Fucking brilliant. Way to void the the smoke remediation ozone treatments, guys. Gaping holes in the plaster (expected) that will need to be patch. Guaranteed they won't be patched well. There are dirty hand-prints around the holes and the window that I don't expect to be cleaned. This apartment was painted before the rest of the restorations so it's also pretty much guaranteed that when they paint the patched the paint won't quite match. All the people tromping through here (leaving white, dusty boot-prints in the hall) have Tharsis clearly skittish and that with the dust and he's scratched his ear open again.

So I am going to get out of this rained-on-barbeque smelling room, get away from the computer, and hang out with some friends and indulge in some passive entertainment.

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