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vintage photos

Exploring Some of Vancouver's World War II Relics

Most Vancouverites are aware of the two "bunkers" at Tower Beach and the "Siwash Bunker" in Stanley Park. The Siwash bunker is a WW I relic, originally housing a 4" gun, and as such can be properly referred to as a "bunker." The towers at Tower Beach, however, built for WW II, never were gun emplacements and were never manned, and as such are not really "bunkers" at all. More on that after the cut.

Girl in the Moon - 1923

I just found a real treasure-trove of public domain vintage stereographs to play with :-)

As usual, Facebook readers will have to view the original post to get the animation

Birth of Venus


Not What I Was Looking For

I was just digging through my box of old photographs, looking for something in particular, and much to my surprise, I found Waldo!



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