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New Ful-vue... Made in Canada

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About two months ago I bought some antique glasses off eBay. Between getting laid-off and when my medical plan expired I made good use of my eye-wear allowance and H.S.A. to include getting some prescription lenses put in the antique glasses (along with sensibly getting my prescription updated in my regular glasses.) Because I wanted glass, not plastic, with an unusual tint for the antique pair, they had to be specially made in California and took over a month to come back. When they did come back just before Easter I promptly broke one of the arms off while trying them on. Fortunately antique glasses are far, far more standardized than the myriad of styles we have now and getting another pair to replace the broken arm was easy enough.

All this time there was this nondescript, orange lens cloth sitting in the antique case. I opened it yesterday and this is what I found printed on the other side. I'd say the stylish flapper with the Marcel wave and the Harold Lloyd glasses pretty solidly dates the frames to the early 1920's :-)

(My antique frames, incidentally, are the "old fashioned" kind the lens cloth is berating)

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