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[Gothic BC] Brexit Boots

My "Brexit boots" arrived today. I'm calling them "Brexit boots" because I bought them from The Gothic Shoe Company in England when the Pound bottomed out right after the Brexit vote and as such saved a bundle. These are my second pair from these guys and I can't recommend them highly enough. *happy dance*

[Gothic BC] The Gothic Shoe Company

Today is Chinese New Year's day today, and it's happy shoe day for me. On January 3rd I ordered a pair of classic winklepickers from The Gothic Shoe Company of Essex, England, and they arrived today. These are hand-made shoes so the five weeks for delivery is not just the shipping from the UK to this, the western fringe of the old Empire, but the time to make them to order. Because they are made to order they will do custom work, but for a first order I chose to go with an "off the rack" and simple style.

Suffering for my ideals

See the "New Romantics" sign in the Fleuvog window.

Go in and see brand new pointy shoes.

Love the pointy shoes.

Buy the pointy shoes.

Walk home in the pointy shoes - hey that didn't hurt much!

Consequently decide to walk to work in the pointy shoes.

Show up considerably later than usual and ask the receptionist where the bandages are.

But, damn it, they are pointy Fleuvogs!

Yay! Money!

New 'Vogs!
Yay! New Shoes!
Yay! Pointy 'Vogs!

Oringinal post:

More indecision

I still can't decide if life sucks or if I am enjoying myself Yesterday as I was walking home I ran into nice Nicole again, as well as Lori and Graeme. Work today alternated between biting ass and being interesting. Ivana's dropped off the face of the earth, not a word from her for over a week - so I'm giving up on her.

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