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More indecision

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I still can't decide if life sucks or if I am enjoying myself Yesterday as I was walking home I ran into nice Nicole again, as well as Lori and Graeme. Work today alternated between biting ass and being interesting. Ivana's dropped off the face of the earth, not a word from her for over a week - so I'm giving up on her. Having money in my pocket feels great - I went and bought $200 Fleuvogs (pointy ones at that, I've been saying for a year they were coming back and they have - ha!) because my shoes had finally worn out to the point of being uncomfortable. I went to the store where Epine works and chatted with her for a while and then (after failing to hail a cab) did my usual ferry and market thing. I've had these ideas churning around in my head about doing something really, really interesting and they are starting to make sense. I started a new painting yesterday and worked on it today. I've upgraded my web server software. Damn it. I just don't know. I feel like a train on the verge of becoming a runaway. This could be very good or very bad.

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