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The Daily Colonist, May 25–31, 1915

#dailycolonist1915 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago:

Italy enters the war. Germans make more gas attacks and the gas being used is identified for the first time. Mine explosion in Nanaimo. Not to mention a fair bit of weird local news...

The Daily Colonist, September 27, 1914

News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

Quite a big update today, lots of interesting things...

The Daily Colonist, September 3, 1914

News from Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today. 

• Instead of an image of the front page, I'm leading off with an article that a certain Mrs. Goethals will find amusing: "Mrs. Goethals Arrested".
• Fantastic stories of a second Zeppelin attack on Antwerp, dog-fights over Paris, and other aerial conflicts [remembering that most people around here may not have even seen an aeroplane yet].
• Russia has renamed St. Petersburg to Petrograd and asked other cities with German names to Russianize..
• Lots more...

The Daily Colonist, September 2, 1914

The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today. As much as yesterday was a slow news day, today was a busy one. My selections are not a comprehensive account of what was interesting in today's paper....

The Daily Colonist, August 13, 1914

News from Victoria 100 years ago today:

  • Map of the European war zone on the front page
  • Great editorial about how the Colonist will not print and will not pay the Associated Press for unverified, sensational stories, which goes on to pan the American press...

[Gothic BC] Nanaimo and the Crimean War

In this tiny park in Nanaimo, which is actually the site of Nanaimo's original cemetery and called "Nanaimo Pioneer Cemetary Park", is the only grave on Canadian soil of a casualty of the Crimean War of 1854-56. The didactic plaque embedded into the wall reads...

Not What I Was Looking For

I was just digging through my box of old photographs, looking for something in particular, and much to my surprise, I found Waldo!

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