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The Daily Colonist, September 3, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News from Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today. 

  • Instead of an image of the front page, I'm leading off with an article that a certain Mrs. Goethals will find amusing: "Mrs. Goethals Arrested".
  • Fantastic stories of a second Zeppelin attack on Antwerp, dog-fights over Paris, and other aerial conflicts [remembering that most people around here may not have even seen an aeroplane yet].
  •  Russia has renamed St. Petersburg to Petrograd and asked other cities with German names to Russianize. [Note that Petrograd will again be renamed to Leningrad after the Russian Revolution, then back to St. Petersburg when the Soviet Union falls.]
  • Yesterday's papers sudden change in detail about battles, numbers of dead, increased detail of German atrocities made me suspicious that there might be a propaganda effort underway to lure the United States into the war. Today there is a story of an American's house being destroyed in the German Zeppelin attack on Antwerp, more about the Belgian Mission reporting on German atrocities in London after returning from the US, and other more prominent stories of Germans violating the ancient rules of combat. This is definitely a shift in propaganda focus [and read it with an eye to the reporting of Russian atrocities in Ukraine today. We are being led down the same path...]
  • Japanese troops have landed in China near the German fortress city of Tsing Tau.
  • More detail on the dynamiting of a home in Ladysmith by striking miners from Nanaimo in August of 1913.
  • It is decided to proceed with building the science building at the "Provincial University" [ #UBC ...and if you were a fan of "Fringe", this is the building used for establishing shots of Walter's lab after the first season.]
  • And my own amusement over that it is taken for granted in 1914 that L.O.L. stands for "Loyal Orange Lodge" with an overly amusing funeral notice ;-)

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