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It's just point-and-click...

My legs are very stiff today (and I'm sure they will be worse tomorrow). Why? As I work through the photos from last night it's apparent that in about a couple hundred of them I was kneeling or crouching to get the letters in. That's a couple hundred sustained half-squats, plus a half dozen trips up and down three stories worth of stairs, plus the awkward walk home pushing all my gear. Because photography is easy. 

433x433, 2013
digital photograph.

Best Photographer - ClubZone 2013 Vancouver Nightlife Awards

I have made it to the second round voting (i.e. the top five) in the "Best Photographer" category for the ClubZone 2013 Vancouver Nightlife Awards.

Zoomable Versions

Wholesome Entertainment

Couldn't find yourself in the composite photos I'm currently showing at the "16 Deadly Sins" show at the Fall? Not to fret! I have, using the Google Maps API, created zoomable images that you can browse at full resolution.

I am amused, 2012
digital composite photograph.

Gothic BC, 2012
digital composite photograph.

BASH script for removing JPEG sidecar files

When shooting for the nightclub photo booth areas I run, I have to shoot JPEG because my printer will not deal with camera raw files, however, for reasons that should be obvious to any serious digital photographer, I prefer to have to raw files to work with after the fact. This necessitates shooting RAW+JPG, but I have no use for the JPEGs in post-processing.

I've decided to abandon having a separate site at and make the domain point to this site instead.


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