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Being sick is annoying.

When creating mummies the ancient Egyptians were careful to remove and preserve all the vital organs except one. They didn't bother to keep the brain since they believed it was an essentially useless organ responsible only for the production mucus. I'm wondering if the ancient Egyptians caught a lot of colds, because it certainly feels like my brain has become an essentially useless organ and I have no shortage of mucus.


Let's hear it for employable skills! I've had two solid bites in my search for a "real" job today. The first came from Toronto - an absolutely perfect sounding job description and a decent wage. That got me excited. No Houston, staying in Canada and in a city where I know people. But then the ultimate kick ass call came in. It was from the head of Lotus Notes development at the Loewen Group. So what is so great about that you ask? Let me elucidate:

Hooray for Corpgoth

I rejoined Corpgoth on Yahoogroups and posted a general question about the livability of Houston and got some immediate responses. It doesn't seem like such a bad place at all. The clubs are air conditioned and they have an underground tunnel system downtown so you can stay out of the heat. From the salary survey information I could find I am worth about $85 - $90K there. No state taxes, low income tax. At this point it is just a question of what kind of offer I will get. And of course I don't have the luxury of being quite as choosy now, thanks to the dot.bomb and the plummeting market.

And Now, Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programme...

The global economy weirds me out sometimes. I just received and e-mail and a phone call from a $1.5billion Indian software and consulting company looking to place me with a Fortune 100 company in Houston, TX. That certainly meets my stability requirements, but Houston? I don't know about that. I wonder if Bridgid is still kicking around down there?

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