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And Now, Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programme...

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The global economy weirds me out sometimes. I just received and e-mail and a phone call from a $1.5billion Indian software and consulting company looking to place me with a Fortune 100 company in Houston, TX. That certainly meets my stability requirements, but Houston? I don't know about that. I wonder if Bridgid is still kicking around down there?

They would do my H1B sponsorship and I'm sure I'd get into the swing of things soon enough. The Space Center, weekend trips to New Orleans, I could even go find that semi-submerged cathedral on the Rio Grande, but hell, I don't know anything about Houston. I don't know anybody in Houston (anymore). I've never even thought about Houston as a place to live. And what about Ivana? What happens there?

But then again this is just my first nibble, maybe there is something in NYC, Toronto, or - ideally - here, yet to come. Well, at least I'll find out something about my visa eligibility out of this offer.

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