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Return of the Vain Whiner

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(Hating Everything is Not the Same as Having an Opinion)

So the vain little pretentious monkey has a LiveJournal. Take a look for yourself and see what an idiot he is. Do they not teach grammar in school anymore? And even a lack of effective education is no excuse for the spelling, this thing has a spell checker! But that is just the superficial stuff - potentially forgivable if the content was of any merit at all. Of course it isn't. Nothing but whining drivel. And here I was looking back at my old journals from when I was eighteen, thinking I was a pretty stupid kid. I feel much better by the comparison.

The catalyst for this rant was this foppish baby-bat had the gall to harass my good friend Evilyn about the damn picture at the club and post viscious, lying, vitriol about her in his journal. Turnabout is fair play.

The ignorant shit, himself
Louis (bellath) sitting with his friends.

So here is the photo in question. Once again defiantly posted, this time for the express purpose of ridicule and derision, whereas previously it was posted on my Gothic BC site as a positive endorsement of the scene here in Vancouver. But chances are you won't be seeing much of this little poser (would you believe I bought my first Siouxsie record two years before this cretin was born? - listening to it now, BTW) around much because he has now successfully annoyed several of the promoters and people who actually make the scene happen (as opposed to simply whining about how it sucks in their LiveJournals).

So - as my friend Heidi would say - Louis (a.k.a. bellath) here's a big round of fuck you, just for you.

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