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A Theory

I'm pretty certain that anyone over thirty that uses a picture of themselves from high-school as their default facebook/mySpace/etc. profile picture/icon/avatar is less than fully satisfied with the way their life has turned out, most likely has a body-image problem, and feels constrained by external expectations of who they think they should be.

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ZOMG LJ-FAIL !!11!1!bbq


So everyone is freaking out because the Russian owners of LJ have canned 12 people in the States.

For one, reality check time, Russian programmers are cheaper than American ones. I'm "SUP"-rised that people didn't get sacked a year ago.

[Gothic BC] Blogging on Gothic BC

This being the first blog post on Gothic BC, it should probably be a little more momentous than it is.

"One small step to blog; one giant pain to set up."

Posted using LJTalk...

LJ Talk
So, I just hooked the new LJ Talk feature up to Trillian and thought I'd try a post.

Anybody else on this?

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For some reason LJ is not blocked by the firewall anymore. I still think I will write most of my posts offline and post them when I get home, just so I don't leave a bunch of marks in the proxy log.

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So tempted resize Trish's pictures so I can read my friends page without having to scroll sideways.

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Damn it, Mike!

This is all Sleepless Knight's fault. After introducing him to northern European food last night we got to talking about different cuisines. I now find myself craving Chinese food and very impatiently waiting for my favourite takeout place to open at 4:30 so I can feed my hangover. Normally I'd go for a "Greek Burger" at the Vine Yard or some really greasy bacon and eggs, but nooooo not today. Today I am dying for fried rice and sweet and sour pork balls....

Woe is me

My life is a darkroom. One big, dark room... By the time you have read this I will have jumped leapt plummeted from the winter river bridge... Everything I touch turns to coal. Life is a pointless barrage of pain. I am sadder that anyone could possibly be, pity me, make comments in my journal so I feel loved...


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