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Let's hear it for employable skills! I've had two solid bites in my search for a "real" job today. The first came from Toronto - an absolutely perfect sounding job description and a decent wage. That got me excited. No Houston, staying in Canada and in a city where I know people. But then the ultimate kick ass call came in. It was from the head of Lotus Notes development at the Loewen Group. So what is so great about that you ask? Let me elucidate:

  • They are in town. In one of the Metrotowers to be precise. No moving, no problem with Ivana, and right off the Skytrain for a dead-easy commute.
  • It doesn't get much gothier - the Loewen Group is a chain of funeral homes. Not only is that cool, but talk about stable. Basically I'll be making my living off the corpses of baby boomers - talk about a Gen-X dream-job!
  • I can keep my consulting business alive on the side and still fart around with my pet projects.

So, bottom line, YAY!

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