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My Mom Always Said...

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...that I was born with a horseshoe up my ass. Not only did I peg the attire just right (I was dressed similarly, but slightly better than the people who interviewed me) but the interview(s) went swimmingly. Despite the fact that, at this stage in the game, one never gets the job off the first interview, I thought at several moments that I'd walk out with a concrete offer. Probably would have, too, if the guy who makes the final decision hadn't had a 1:30 meeting. So back I go tomorrow, 11am again, and I'm sure I'll walk out with an offer.

It isn't quite as great as I had thought. Turns out the guy who started the company, Mr. Loewen, died a couple years ago (bet you he had a great funeral!) and the last couple of headless years the company has faltered a bit. They are in chapter 11 in the States. I'm told they have an emergence strategy and will be on their feet in a few months, but I want to read the 10K for myself.

Meanwhile I got another nibble for another job in town. It's a wireless place, "new-economy" type place. Young and hip. Well funded with backing from some big players like Noika and Intel, but yet to turn a profit. I have an interview with them at 3pm tomorrow. I'll grill them about the funding and the stability and see what kind of offer they are going to make.

Once I have all the facts, then I'll have to make a choice: the headless funeral home and cemetery chain (how GAF!) or the dot.bomb... It's a tough call. The funeral home chain is inherently more stable, assuming they have their shit together as I've been told, but they have a lot of corporate inertia so I will get out of date with them if I give them my all. The dot.bomb will probably pay better and have all those perks that are disappearing faster than a puddle of water in Timbuktu and will be using the latest and greatest software, but could go TU at any time if the funding isn't stable.

If the funeral place goes TU then I'm SOL and out of date. If the wireless place goes TU then at least I am current. But the latter is more likely than the former. Part-time at the funeral place would be ideal because I could maintain my client base and stay current on my own.

Blarg. Damn economy. Damn capitalism. If the fortunes of companies weren't at the mercy of several douzen million panicky sheep the economy wouldn't suffer from spastic gains and drops as the barking idiots guide the flock around en masse. Public ownership is bad, as bad or even worse than Socialist-style state ownership. Financing and lending is pure evil (Hell, usury is even a sin). If everything were privately held and people had to pay for things out of their own pockets alone things would be very, very different. Imagine a world with no credit, no debt. For example, do you think car companies would be able to get away with cars that cost an entire year's salary? But I digress. My ranting on a capital-free labour-based economic system isn't about to change anything by tomorrow!

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