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Worst Adminstration Ever

We all know the Republicans don't care about human lives or the sorts of freedoms one would expect in, oh, say, a republic, and are more concerned with profit, consolidation and abuse of federal powers (a.k.a. turning the republic into an empire), and dog-wagging imperialism... so let's look at where they have failed in these terms:

Like this is news to me

Gee, looks like people who do what I do are having a tough time all over. I ain't surprised! Nonetheless I have another interview at HSBC tomorrow morning. I'll find out later today if it is simply a "meet the staff (so we can tell if they hate you)" second interview or whether they are going to table an offer.

My Mom Always Said...

...that I was born with a horseshoe up my ass. Not only did I peg the attire just right (I was dressed similarly, but slightly better than the people who interviewed me) but the interview(s) went swimmingly. Despite the fact that, at this stage in the game, one never gets the job off the first interview, I thought at several moments that I'd walk out with a concrete offer. Probably would have, too, if the guy who makes the final decision hadn't had a 1:30 meeting. So back I go tomorrow, 11am again, and I'm sure I'll walk out with an offer.

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