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Like this is news to me

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Gee, looks like people who do what I do are having a tough time all over. I ain't surprised! Nonetheless I have another interview at HSBC tomorrow morning. I'll find out later today if it is simply a "meet the staff (so we can tell if they hate you)" second interview or whether they are going to table an offer.

The wireless place isn't going to happen. Turns out they are more confused than the funeral home. I'm still pushing for Telus, but they are moving too slowly and are likely not going to come through in time. No matter, as long as I can get some money in my pocket to get by on I can sort the rest out later.

Interestingly enough, this is my horoscope for tomorrow:

Although you are not getting there in the style you once envisioned, you are moving ever closer to your goal. So rather than cursing the darkness, perhaps you need to keep your eye trained on that single candle you lit a long time ago and realize that the little frustrations that are getting under your skin are really blessings. Just as the man with a sink full of dirty dishes can lament the task before him or take a few moments to be thankful for his food, you can deal with the byproducts of your luck quite easily. So consider all angles.

So, yeah. It ain't perfect, but I'm still facing in the right direction.

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