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A Short Lesson in Chemical Compounds


A short lesson in why freaking out about a "chemical" because it is "derived from" something nasty (or nasty-sounding) or is "similar to" some other chemical, or contains an element or component that would be nasty in some other compound is completely meaningless.

I Broke Myself

I've no idea what I did to bring this on, but I am effectively crippled with a very unhappy back.I can barely walk.There is no position sitting, standing, or lying down that doesn't hurt. It hit me yesterday afternoon. My best guess is I weakened something with twisted wrong while putting my camera gear in the trunk Saturday night and Sunday afternoon the simple act of getting up from my desk took it over the edge.


The 98 year old building I live in is a protected heritage building anomalously surrounded by the sort of overpriced condos and obscenely priced luxury residential hotels (and there is a certain irony that this building was a luxury residential hotel 98 years ago and is still zoned as such). While the building is fabulous, one of the draw-backs up until recently was there was no nearby supermarket.

Phyician, heal thyself.

Last week, in frustration that I still didn't feel wholly recovered from all the work-related stress from last year I decided to look at what might still be wrong from a biochemical point of view. I took as my point of departure that I have incessantly been craving a certain mundane food item for months on end.

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