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Empirically Establishing that the Correlation Between Stupidity and Athleticism is a Two-way Dynamic

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It is a well established truism that athleticism often directly corresponds to thick-wittedness. I discovered today that the converse is also true, thick-wittedness can lead to athleticism.

I decided it would be a good idea to get a little extra exercise by walking down the stairs after work. I stupidly did not plan this and discovered that the exit door at the bottom of the stairwell is alarmed and only useful in an emergency. I subsequently discovered that all the stairwell doors on every floor require either a pass-card or key to open. I wound up walking all the way back up to the office and calling a coworker to let me back in so I could get out of the building without setting off an alarm. It should be noted that I work on the 24th floor.

Walking down twenty-four floors is a moderate bit of extra exercise. Turning around and walking back up twenty-four floors is a workout. By being stupid I got far more exercise than I bargained for, ergo the subject line of this post.

Tangentially though, I'm a little annoyed that the option to use the stairs is not a viable one. I've worked in other towers before and was never barred from using the stairs like this. Mind you, that was all before the terrorists won and the Western World became wrapped in paranoid idiocy. 

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