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Goth corset-lacing skills FTW at work

Goth corset-lacing skills FTW at work #CaroleItter @belkinartgallery

Overly Critical

I shot an event at work yesterday and just now was feeling kind of guilty about the number of pictures that I was happy with–"only" thirty. So right now I am reminding myself of the days when shooting was done in batches of 24 or 36 and I felt lucky if there were 3 or 4 "keepers" per roll. Getting 30 decent photos of an event is enough. Why do I feel compelled to produce hundreds of photos every time I shoot, especially when all I really need is one or two really good ones? Guh.

Opening and Installation Shots from Rodney Graham

Opening and installation shots from "Rodney Graham: Torqued Chandelier Release and Other Works"


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