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Projects, Disease, and Hours in the Day

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About two and half weeks ago I started coming down with what seemed like an ordinary cold. This past week has been anything but ordinary. I haven't had a cold latch on to my with such ferocity since I was a toddler with an as-yet not-fully-formed immune system. I recall be four years old and barking out the same sort of coughs that have been plaguing me for the last week. Last night was the first night in days where I've managed to get four hours of straight sleep. This has, of course, completely screwed up my ability to get anything done and I am now starting to feel overwhelmed by my own thwarted ambitions:

  • I want to make more hats for Elaine's store in time for Christmas,
  • I have a painting of Tristan Risk on the easel that is taunting me with it's incompleteness,
  • I have a about a hundred images of Andra, the Diamond Minx from a shoot now two weeks ago that need processing,
  • I have all the parts for a much-improved version of my steampunk keyboard mod and a mod for my monitor,
  • I've been working on a major overhaul of Gothic BC,
  • My own website is getting dated,
  • For lack of anything that isn't either overkill of full of suck, I'm building a shopping-cart application for Elaine's store from scratch,
  • I've started fan pages on Facebook for Gothic BC and my photography and art that are little more than stubs at the moment,
  • I've been neglecting my deviantART and Zazzle stores,
  • I have ideas in my head that are waiting to burst out like Athena, but are now so far back in the queue that I fear they will never see the light of day,
  • and more...

I never quite feel like I have enough time to begin with, not being able to sleep and just generally having my ass kicked by this is not helping. I'm rather frustrated at the moment.

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