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Georgia Straight Sin City Article

An Amaranthine Apparition

Photomanipulation based on an infrared photo of Lady Amaranth.

Prints available at deviantART:

I was absent, now I am back.

Some of you may have noticed I went unusually long without posting here, wasn't responding to messages on Facebook, mySpace, deviantART, etc. More of you probably noticed it took me unusually long to getting around to posting last week's Sin City pictures.

Pretty much every spare moment I had this past week went into writing a new upload interface for Gothic BC. The old one was slapped together over five years ago and was mediocre in 2002. I've been wanting to do a proper drag-and-drop control for a long time now and the opportunity was ripe since I needed to being the upload control in line with the new design anyway.

I "cheated" to a certain extent and bought a Java control to handle the drag-and-drop ("Hey, look, a wheel. Guess I don't need to reinvent that.") - what sucked up all my time for a week was *doing* something with the files that was better than the old upload. I'm pretty happy with what I've got going (especially a spiffy progress indicator while it builds the editing page). Much like when I first put the new gallery up there are still some problems: if you try to upload more than 75 or so photos in M$IE it takes forever to render the editing page

Nonetheless what I've got going now is as easy to use as Flickr, Facebook etc. which isn't too shabby since my budget is about five million times smaller.

More C13 Photos

Nineteen more pictures from the Convergence 13 Mad Hatter's Tea Party, shot on film with my antique 35mm SLR. Autofocus? Built in light-meter? Who needs 'em!

I did use a light-meter, though: my even more antique Soviet «Ленинград-4» (Leningrad-4) :-)

We should elect politicians this way.

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