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Back from Portland

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We got back from Convergence 13 in Portland, OR. today. Naturally it all went by far, far too quickly. The phoenix_parade, a photo-shoot in up the Columbia Gorge with some of the nicest people in all of Gothdom, and being around more fabulousness than can be quantified at the Tea Party were the highlights of the weekend. Plan on seeing plenty of pictures over the coming few days - I shot roughly 9 GB of digital pictures and two rolls of film. It'll be about a week before I can get the film developed since I need to take it to a custom lab and won't be able to get to one until Friday. They should be worth waiting for though...

And while it should go without saying, since it is the point of Convergence, it's just wonderful to be face-to-face with all the amazing, creative, bohemians that I usually only get to interact with on-line. I'm bursting with inspiration at the moment.

The challenge, starting tomorrow, will be not letting the "culture of excellence" at the day job deflate my inspiration.

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