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Don't care anymore

Ex nihil nihilo fit.

Pardon the stereotypical gothiness of this, but everything sucks. I am, put mildly, unhappy. There are a number of things "wrong":

Er, um...

I made a small mistake on my finances. I still owe the lawyer money. While I'm not so broke as I was before this puts a damper on surfing next week with Opie and, thanks to the machinations of other lawyers, I will not be getting my inheritance from my Uncle Floran until the end of September.

As my mother so elequently put it in her e-mail to me explaining why the inheritance would be delayed: "All lawyers are shysters."


Nostalgia is bad. I have this plan of putting most of my old photographs up on my website and was going to scan a bunch in last night. I pulled out my old photo albums and that's when I started to get bummed. My big mistake was looking through my wedding album. It just so happens I got an overdue notice from my lawyer yesterday for the money I still owe on the divorce (fortunately the due date is 3 days after I get paid so I will manage).


I just don't feel like going to Sanctuary tonight. I was planning to go, I even washed my club clothes and started getting ready. Now I've changed my mind. Trish won't be there. Mike's decided not to go. I can't get drunk because of work tomorrow and the annoying fact that I have limited funds. I think I'm better off to save what little I have for when Lorra is in town next week.

My brain hurts

Kiss Whore
Kiss Whore - right cheek
Kiss Whore

It's 5am

Do you know where your brain is?

I have not been so covered in lipstick since I was whoring around at the Catwalk at C6. In deference to the official status of my divorce I was asking every cute girl at the club to kiss me on the cheek. As I got drunker I extended that to anyone who was wearing lipstick. I've got some photos that I'll post tomorrow.

Why is it never simple?

I am just waiting for Opium to pick me up to go to Sanctuary. I was determined to go out and celebrate my divorce tonight but now I find myself confused. Ivana called. I was sure it was hopeless and I was determined to move on, now I don't know again. This is killing me.

Oringinal post:

Life is pathetic when...

From my census form

This was the highlight of my day:

Oringinal post:

Somebody turned over the Death card.

Everything is changing. Tomorrow at 8am I start the new job (well, it is a six month contract, but that's just picking nits), also tomorrow my divorce is final and that chapter of my life is over, and I got some rather disappointing news from Ivana. She has decided to move to Kelowna. Now I'm very glad I went out and celebrated last night, because now I am bummed, to put it mildly. I can't argue with any of her reasons for wanting to move, in fact I agree with all of them. *shrug* What can I do?

"Born with a horseshoe up my ass"

There is only one way to put this with the correct emphasis:

Holy Fuck! Fucking good fucking day, for fuck's sake! I mean, shit, fucking-A!

OK, as of yesterday I'm fielding phone calls from the Canada student loan people for the payment I missed this month and wondering how to keep my ass out of jail because I there was no way I could pay my taxes. I was questioning if I was maybe barking up the wrong tree romantically and there was still the seemingly inescapable detail of still being married to a lesbian.

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