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My brain hurts

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Kiss Whore
Kiss Whore - right cheek
Kiss Whore
Kiss Whore - left cheek

My overindulgence last night is haunting me today, but I so needed it. It was my long awaited "closure" night. The final celebration that Dianna is not part of my life anymore. I had a total blast collecting divorce kisses from friends and total strangers. By the end of the night I was getting a little carried away - I kissed Isaac! I made a total fool out of my self and I don't care! LOL

I burned through a fair bit of cash, but I had the sense to only put as much in my wallet as I was willing to spend and I still have a $20 leftover so it's not so bad. I bought Mike a Caesar to make up for forgetting to meet him on Monday and gave Sasha $10 for gas to give Louise a ride home because she was looking pretty run down from having been in the fashion show and obviously just wanted to get the fuck out of the club.

Daevina played my divorce request song ("Disintegration" by the Cure) and I was out dancing all by myself at one point. I am never the first one out on the dancefloor - but last night was special. Looking back now I just have this blur of silly things that I did... I'm sure I made a smashing impression on Lori's friend Alice from Australia. Of all the nights to meet me... !

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