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It's 5am

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Do you know where your brain is?

I have not been so covered in lipstick since I was whoring around at the Catwalk at C6. In deference to the official status of my divorce I was asking every cute girl at the club to kiss me on the cheek. As I got drunker I extended that to anyone who was wearing lipstick. I've got some photos that I'll post tomorrow.

For no sensible reason I ended up making bangers and mash for Opium and Sleepless Knight (who gets bonus points for finding bland boil-the-shit-out-of-the-vegetables and fry-the-meat-in-grease northern European cooking "exotic" - I actually had the pleasure of feeding the man his first ever Guinness). Chopping onion when you are too tanked to stand at 3:30 in the morning verges on completely fucking surreal. Although I have to say this for cooking drunk: at least the grease splatters don't hurt.

So many cute girls tonight... I got kisses from Daevina (who was first), Lori, Louise, Mel, Nancy, Opium, Sandi, and others. If only Ivana was there. All things in, she's really the only one I really want to be kissing... well except maybe for Mel, but I already struck out there... But when my mind is clear and I close my eyes it is Ivana I see first. *sight* If only I knew what to do.

But now the sun is up, Opium and Sleepless Knight have gone their merry way and I should catch some Z's so I can get some shit done tomorrow.

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