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Catwoman in the Lake City Art Museum, 2009
digitally manipulated composite photograph, digital photograph, photograph.

Catwoman in the Lake City Art Museum

Created from a picture I took at Sin City last Hallowe'en (model: Rheannon Lena McMullen) and a photograph from when I visited the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004.


Those that have been watching my journal for more than two years may remember a flurry of posts in September 2003 about Catwoman being filmed next door. Well, I finally got around to seeing the film and getting a few screen-caps of the scenes shot next door...

Crappy Comic Book Movie Central

In response to a comment on one of my Catwoman posts I ended up posting a bit of a rant about why the movie is likely to be crap and about the film industry both in Vancouver and in general. One of my criticisms of the Catwoman movie was, "It's lowest-common-denominator pap designed by marketing weasels to make money, period. It's one step away from porn."

I was sent a picture of

Catwoman with Cat

Catwoman carrying a cat.

Not Halle Berry - Halle Berry's double

It's a circus here today

The movie shoot was just interrupted by an Iraq war protest march on Georgia. Some of the movie people are looking pretty pissed off. Too funny.

Oringinal post:


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