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The Banff

A Certain Sad Reality is Creeping In

Things are getting packed and it is starting to look a little sparse. Our 12+ years here are drawing to a close.

Power Failure

Power failure

So the power went out on Sunday evening thanks to a telephone pole rotting (It's worth noting that Vancouver is, as far as I know, the only major city that still uses above-ground wiring on wooden posts downtown). So what are a couple of crusty old goths to do?

Christmas 2012, 2012
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Parade Passing the Banff Apartments

Parade passing in front of the Banff Apartments. Photograph by Jack Lindsay, Vancouver News-Herald.

More From 1992

Cathedral Place (left) has only just replaced the old Art-Deco glory of the Medical Arts Building as a monument of fibreglass, post-Modern crap (can you tell I don't like that building?) There is no Olympic countdown clock in front of the VAG. Eaton's is still Canadian and spelled with capital letters. There are no towers in Yaletown and the Expo '86 site is still a vacant wasteland while Concord Pacific and the provincial government argue over who should pay for the site remediation. And if you look at False Creek at the far right of the picture you can just make out a white smudge that is the ill-fated McBarge, which now floats derelict in the Burrard Inlet. Oddly enough I happen to own a complete set of blueprints to the McBarge.

One wish for my birthday

First, I want to thank everyone who has sent my happy birthday wishes and everyone who came out for my party on Sunday. I had a marvellous time. All the gifts were lovely and those that were buying me drinks succeed in getting me thoroughly plastered. Thank you all.

Now that it is actually my birthday, I'm sorry to report I am so far not having a good day. I took the day off work to relax and I am anything but relaxed at the moment, which brings me to my one wish for my birthday at this point:

May I never have to suffer the illogic of others again.

Of course I may as well wish for immortality, world peace, and the abolition of taxes.

Top Ten

The "Westcoast Homes" section of the Vancouver Sun has a photo-essay on the ten most interesting places to live downtown. Rotwang's Lab is one of them:

The Raccoons Demand Human Sacrifice

Never forget - they turn up when you least expect it, not to mention where you least expect it!

I live here:


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