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The "Westcoast Homes" section of the Vancouver Sun has a photo-essay on the ten most interesting places to live downtown. Rotwang's Lab is one of them:

Banff Apartments

The Banff Apartments, built in 1909, are among a small cluster of heritage apartment buildings located between Georgia and Melville streets, at Bute. It is truly surprising that the Banff Apartments have survived nearly a century of development and redevelopment, especially given its location in one of the downtown core's most prominent business areas. This is important in a city that is changing at such a rapid pace. Heritage buildings serve as an anchor to the past; a point of reference for the senior who was raised in Vancouver.

The Banff Apartments, finished in red and green, add colour, texture and form to the modern urban landscape's glass and steel. Also notable is the fact that it has remained a rental building.

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