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More buried treasures!

Hehe! I found my collection of comics clipped from various newspapers and magazines. I think I'll post them with my entries until I run out. There are a lot of them so that'll be long way off!

Here is the first. One of my all-time favourites (the link will open a new window).

Oringinal post:

Too bloody funny!

NBC Notes
My NBC notes from basic training.

I was scrounging around for an article I wanted to read and came across my old notebooks from basic training. I was, without a doubt, so not suited to being a soldier as these pages of my chemical warfare notes will attest.

Like this is news to me

Gee, looks like people who do what I do are having a tough time all over. I ain't surprised! Nonetheless I have another interview at HSBC tomorrow morning. I'll find out later today if it is simply a "meet the staff (so we can tell if they hate you)" second interview or whether they are going to table an offer.

Name stuff

Evilyn made me go to this site to do a name search for her since they only allow four searches (unless you delete the cookie!) so while I was at it I did myself:


Money - That's what I want.

OK. I'm bored. I'm sitting here waiting to hear about a job, any job, and I can't seem to get anything done in the mean time. So much to worry about, so very little I can do about any of it.

Oringinal post:

Survey SAYS!...

(Just so long as Richard Dawson doesn't try to kiss me)

Minor Accomplishments

So my living space is cleaned up and I'm working my way into the office. That's going to be an ordeal. My desk is a disaster. But I feel good. I finished off the drawings of Daevina and Mel to take with me tonight.

Spring Cleaning

I had some weird dreams last night. The details have already escaped me, but they've left me determined to get out of this funk. I can't do anything more about not having any money that I already am and there is nothing I can do about the other thing I have been whining about but wait and hope (there's that damn hope thing again!), so to hell with the whinging and fretting and time to do what I can with what I have.

Man on a string

Another day, another conversation, another set of mixed signals. Sigh

I don't know if I am wasting my time. One day at a time. While I'm in a Shakespeare mood anyway...


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