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Michael R. Barrick's blog

A few words for the watchers.

What a wonderful world we live in where faceless cowards and liars can do what they do. And I'm not just talking about the terrorists, but the ordinary liars and cowards like the some of the ones reading this. The ones that chose to fire me without warning for part of my passionate reaction to what happened Tuesday.

This is so fucked up

This morning I caught Big Brother looking over my shoulder again. Hi there, XXXXXX. HSBC I'm unemployed, but shouldn't you have something better to do?

Oringinal post:

I am angry today

I just got fired.

For something I posted on LJ yesterday.

Oringinal post:

Some more facts before I go to bed

Perspective on the magnitude of bringing down the WTC...

More thoughts

My father was a soldier. My mother grew up in the middle of the war. Her father was involved with the resistance in Belgium. I've been (however briefly) a soldier. I am struck how little the people around me know about millitary tactics.


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