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Tego Sucking One Last Time

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So, over two months since I ordered my free Tego skin, it finally arrived. It did, in fact, ship rather quickly since I only got the shipping notice three days ago, but that's pretty normal for Canada Post letter-mail from one major city (Winnipeg) to another (Vancouver.) What sucks is the envelope arrived completely open. There is not even a sign that it was ever sealed. It was only by pure fluke that the contents didn't fall out somewhere in transit.

So now I have some lovely die-cut vinyl applied to my Blackberry. It looks kind of neat, but I'm not optimistic about how long it will last, and remain stunned at how long it took to show up. Part of my job involves ordering die-cut printed vinyl like this. It really doesn't take this long to produce. Once again, if I had not gotten this as "free" loyalty reward (i.e. for having thrown buckets of money at Rogers every month for a year) I never would have ordered it, nor do I recommend anyone order from Tego.

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